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Our new patient questionnaire provides us with information to create a health history, along with a picture of your long-term lifestyle habits. We then test your biological age; the higher your biological age, the faster your body is aging. We test liver toxicity to determine what level of efficacy your liver is functioning at. We also assess your organ functionality and your body’s level of immunity.

In determining your diagnosis and the best method of treatment I look for cross correlation from your case history, signs and symptoms, iris diagnosis, scierology, chinese pulse diagnosis, tongue, facial lines and colours – all of these tell their story and provide information.

As an Acupuncturist I see your body from an energy or qi viewpoint. As a Chiropractor I see you from a structural alignment viewpoint. As a Naturopath I see you from a lifestyle, diet, nutrition, herbal, detoxification viewpoint. I draw from all these modalities of healing to help me diagnose and treat.

While the traditional Homoeopath prescribes using a single remedy to treat the whole person, I use the natural therapies of the modern Heel German approach which is to use a complex of many remedies at once for a specific organ or disorder. A thorough understanding of pathology and organ physiology (function) is vital, using a system called Homotoxicology.

Our process is to diagnose and treat your body as a whole and integrated entity, with a customised plan devised specifically for you, drawing on the information you have given and knowledge of different modalities of treatment. Many different natural therapies are brought together in an individualised, personal approach because every body is different, has a different health history, and will react differently to treatments and medicines. You will be treated down to the core foundational blueprint of your genetic makeup. Preventing disease before it happens is possible.


Cairns Acupuncture exists within the framework of Traditional Chinese Medicine, a system of healing that dates back thousands of years. There are many different forms of acupuncture.

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Cairns Biomesotherapy, also known as BMT or biopuncture, is an integrated therapy where homeopathic products are used alongside stimulation of certain body parts through saline solution injections.

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Chiropractic Manipulation

Cairns Chiropractic manipulation, also known as Chiropractic adjustment, is a drug-free, hands-on approach to health care that includes examination, diagnosis, and treatment.

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At Laser Acupuncture Clinic we specialise in diagnosis using a range of screening tools to get to the bottom of your health concerns.

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Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy Cairns Laser Therapy, also known as Low Intensity Laser Therapy, accelerates regeneration, repair and recovery of injured muscles and provides relief from pain.

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Mora Therapy

MORA Therapy Cairns MORA Therapy is a frequency based medicine therapy, based on the principle of bioresonance. It has been in use for over twenty-five years to help cancel negative influences and disease patterns.

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Cairns Naturopathy is a distinct and total system of healthcare, existing within a holistic framework that treats the whole person, not simply an affected area.

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Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine Cairns Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is an ancient holistic system of health and healing, based on the notion of harmony and balance,

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