MORA Therapy

MORA Therapy is a frequency based medicine therapy, based on the principle of bioresonance. It has been in use for over twenty-five years to help cancel negative influences and disease patterns in the body while promoting healthy patterns and rebalancing the body’s own biophysical electronic information.

MORA therapy uses the MORA machine to practice an advanced form of meridian balancing – following the same style of our Traditional Chinese Medicine and Homeopathy medicine treatment options.

Quite simply, by adjusting your body’s energy patterns we can ‘tune’ you to a harmonious frequency. Toxic influences from modern living, diet, poor health and bad habits can disturb this frequency. MORA Therapy is used to correct your personal wavelength.

How does MORA therapy work

Each body is a system of energy and constantly emits that energy in the form of scientifically measurable wavelengths. When this energy is at its optimum frequency, we feel healthy. This is the framework of health for all biological systems, influenced by minute electromagnetic fields. These electromagnetic fields, in the form of protons and electrons, govern all chemical reactions inside the body. This means each positive or negative health experience can be traced to the functioning of the body’s unique electromagnetic circuits.

The MORA machine taps into these energy circuits within your body and measures the vitality of your organs and systems. At Laser Acupuncture Clinic we are able to assess where your body is in deficiency or inflammation and bring those health concerns to balance.

The MORA machine amplifies the healthy energies of your body’s electromagnetic field to target the negative or pathological energy waves and cancel them out. This is where MORA Therapy is rooted, with the aim of rebalancing the overall health of your body by unblocking your internal channels to promote positive energy flow, aiding you to heal and rejuvenate.

Our MORA therapy treatment will be tailored to suit your individual health needs. By identifying your specific electromagnetic oscillations we can provide a gentle and completely non-invasive treatment that uses the positive energy of your own body to fight for you, not against you and your personal health concerns.

Following your treatment we provide homeopathic remedies based on your personal health concerns that will assist in maintaining the balance achieved by your MORA Therapy.

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