At Laser Acupuncture Clinic we specialise in diagnosis using a range of screening tools to get to the bottom of your health concerns. While prevention and treatment remain a core part of the services we offer, accurate and advanced diagnosis are the platform upon which lasting health and wellbeing are built.

Our Diagnostic Tests

Live Blood Analysis – Live blood analysis uses high-resolution dark field microscopy to observe live blood cells. Using a very small sample – usually one or two drops of blood drawn from the tip of your finger, we are able to assess the size, shape and ratios of your blood cells. Offering the chance to view your blood test in real time we talk you through the results as they arrive.

The benefits of live blood analysis are two-fold. Firstly, an accurate diagnosis of your blood health, and secondly by guiding you through the results there is a motivating tool for patients who are able to understand what is happening inside their bodies and take a greater responsibility in staying on top of it.

As a diagnostic tool, live blood analysis is able to provide insight into a range of health factors including:

  • White blood cell health
  • Immune system health
  • Nutrition
  • Smoking/Alcohol damage
  • Impact of general stress
  • Oxidative stress and free radical damage
  • High fat diets
  • Inflammation
  • Live health

Blood Testing Group

This is a simple one-step test to determine your blood group. Being aware of your blood type is a vital piece of information that can be used to understand your health history and background and allow us to give you the best treatment possible. In addition to these useful diagnostic tests, we also provide:

Hair Mineral Test

A strand of your hair is sent out of clinic to be tested for heavy metal toxicity.

Radionics: Radionics Equipment is used to build a diagnosis and picture of the causes and symptoms of your health concern.

Medical Dowsing (Radiesthesia): This non-invasive test uses the energy emitted by diseased bodies to identify illness.

Allergy Testing

Allergic disease is an extremely common health concern. Undiagnosed allergies are a common reason for recurring symptoms and impact on quality of everyday life without treatment. We also provide food allergy testing and food sensitivity testing to keep you and your family safe.


Studying the Iris is a powerful diagnostic tool. Parts of the Iris represent areas of the body, and the health of that area. We use computer enhanced Jensen, Rayer, and German methodologies, as well as J. Angerer iridology diagnosis tools for the most accurate diagnosis.


Sclerology is the scientific study of the sclera lines, or the red lines in the whites of your eyes. These lines are signs of compromised health. These markings identify pathological conditions that are typically clinically treatable.

Our health professionals are able to provide the health assessment that you’ve been searching for, kick starting your journey towards better health. Don’t wait any longer, get in touch today.

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